While this world is magnificent and miraculous and breathtakingly beautiful, shit happens. That’s a life-time guarantee.

People die, illnesses occur, natural disasters strike, and relationships end brutally.

Those are just the external influences.

And internally? We tear ourselves down, take in heartache, and become re-traumatized when bad stuff happens.

How does one person deal with all the challenges?

Searching for answers, the information overload seems to mirror the overwhelm in your life. Popular advice appears to be written by people who shrug off pain instantly:
“Let go of your worries.”
“Focus only on what you want.”
“Be happy.”

These are perfectly wonderful goals ….but you don’t necessarily leap to this perfection without inner work. Without going through the muck, sorting it out and then creating whatever it is your heart desires.

That’s where Transform Your Shit comes in.

Why Ancient Alchemy Will Transform your Modern Life

As an alchemical acupuncturist, for over 15 years, I have been graced to assist clients as they take obstacles in their life, re-direct them — and open to new potential.

One client experienced a cruel and abrupt breakup of an intimate relationship he thought was “it”. Later, he discovered a series of hidden betrayals that made him doubt not only all humans, but more importantly himself. His back coincidently (!) went out and immobilized him, preventing him from continuing his fast-paced work.

He sunk into a severe depression.

Through time, and by using a variety of self-reflecting tools and physical lifestyle changes, he came to realize what he wanted in a relationship. He saw that he was creating patterns from his childhood, patterns that were destructive.

The traumatizing end of this relationship was a gift to learn about himself, change the patterns that imprisoned him and create his bliss — all of which he did.

Another client’s constant companion, anxiety, bullied her into a constant frenzy. Medication was like a too-small bandaid, and the results weren’t worth the side effects.

By taking the time and using new tools, she developed a working relationship with her anxiety. She began to visualize — and understand — the physical symptoms her anxiety triggered.

Anxiety became her ally, rather than her bully.

Do you ever self-sabotage?

Do you ever see a pattern in your life that you unconsciously repeat again and again and … until it becomes tediously boring?

Getting into the same argument with a friend or intimate, taking on too many favors for others, not speaking up when you know you are an expert.

Are you curious as to why this continually happens? Do you ever wonder why you self-sabotage? (Hint: you’re human and working with this is part of the life contract, sorry!)

Here are just a few easy-peasy techniques that will break these habits down:
* Inner focusing
* Felt sense
* Reframing
* Creative imagination
* Dreamwork

And you can also make it fun, or at least somewhat amusing. (That’s optional.)

There could be physical tools as well — you could use:
* Flower essences
* Herbs
* Essential oils
* A yoga pose
* Self care techniques
* Nutritional support
… and more to gently nourish your body as your mind and spirit benefit.

You can go full force and completely re-vamp your stressed-out life — or transform just one annoying habit at a time!

That’s alchemy.

A Little Background on Alchemical Transformation

Alchemy spans four millennia and three continents. While dreamers (and quacks!) envisioned finding a process to transmute lead to gold, alchemy always had pragmatic and philosophical components.

Modern chemistry owes its beginnings to the early pioneer alchemists creating mad experiments in their laboratories.

The Self-Help movement of today actually started thousands of years ago as alchemists carefully designed processes to use human angst to create one’s desires.

Essentially, alchemy is about taking base elements (the shit in your life) and transforming them to gold (the fulfillment of your dreams).

Transform your shit!

So how does a 21st century person do that? Step by step, using physical, spiritual, emotional tools — and some magic.

It pragmatic. It’s possible. It can be learned by anyone.

It’s a beautiful process.

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